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"Welcome to the Era of Design"

Forbes - Welcome to the Era of Design

Forbes announce "the Era of Design" they are highlighting the sucess of companies bucking the trends of the 90's and investing in good design, naming Ikea and Apple amongst others.
"All businesses, no matter what they make or sell, should recognize the power and financial value of good design."
"They recognize that a great design leads to differentiation, customer loyalty and higher profits."


An interesting tour of an efficent modern factory making the most of Brittish design and enginering. Hope have hevily invested in their manufacturing facilities allowing them to create quality, high value products.

Design Thinking

Looking at "Design Thinking" to design. Tim Brown talks about the design solution - not just focussing on a particular aspect of the problem but looking at the 'Big Picture'.

Crank Brothers Innovation

Crank Brothers Egg Beater

Back in 2002 Crank Brothers innovated the high performance mountain biking scene with their 'egg beater' pedals. They proved that a fresh look at existing products that currently work, can lead to dramatic improvements. The egg beaters where lighter, simpler to produce and easier to use. They paid attention to detail with every area of the product including the packaging. They did suffer some reliability issues but they have great customer support which kept customers onboard. They later followed on in the same fashion with a range of other products. This has lead to Crank Brothers becoming a respected competitor on the mountain biking scene.
Crank Brothers provide proof and inspiration to show that designers should remove all preconceptions before designing a product. Don't be afraid to be different.

Crank Brothers Wheel

The Continental GT Launch

This video shows some slick transitions showing how the product connects with the drawing board.


Some well planned filming and animation techniques give a unique feel to this video

Updating a Classic, the DC100

This product has been around since 1948 and has only really had minor face lifts since. It has a strong base of followers all over the globe. So how do you design the replacement? This is Land Rovers first major attempt at the replacement and is due for production in 2015.

Land Rover have not only taken a good look at what makes the current product such a succcess but also to address its weaknesses, without taking away the charactor of this well loved product. It looks like it has the potential to do well, but whatever they do there will always be those who don't like change.

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